Things we've made and done.

A selection of the work and other stuff we’ve done over the years. For more details, contact us for case studies and results.

Altia - Over 100 new product concepts over 8 years

We worked closely with Altia - the largest spirits company in the Nordics to design a company-wide approach to innovation, and we co-created over 100 new product concepts over the course of eight years.

Hartwall - A new mission, strategy and visual identity

Following a new strategy and mission for Hartwall, we re-designed the corporate identity for Hartwall - one of the leading breweries of the Nordic region. The design work was done by our (then) in-house design agency Kokoro & Moi.

Valhalla - The Spirit of Nordic Legends

We designed this new brand and product concept for Altia - the largest spirits company in the Nordics. Valhalla is a strong herb liquer which was inspired by the harsh Nordic weather conditions that affect the taste of the herb compounds. This insights inspired the name and brand story which we created, designed, produced and launched.

Iittala - A new direction and brand platform

We partnered with Iittala - the iconic Finnish glassware brand to reimagine the direction and platform of the brand. The outcome was a new North Star defined by the words "Progressive Nordic Living" - a return to the old progressive values that once made the brand - now interpreted in a completely new context and world.

Koskenkorva Vodka

We worked with the most iconic Finnish spirits brand to design a new brand strategy and several new products over the course of five years.

Marimekko - A new digital engagement tool

Marimekko is a legendary Finnish brand with a global presence. We helped the company design an internal engagement tool to help "Marinate" new employees and store personnel, from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Hartwall - Internal tools and trainings

We worked with Hartwall to design an internal playbook for cultural change, as well as trainings to make change happen.

The Brand Playbook™

We invented a new way to design brand strategy after seeing many clients fail with execution. Instead of focusing only on the core definitions (traditional approach), we created a three-sides approach to brand creation. The process ends with the creation of an operational playbook that helps empower all employees to get behind the brand, not just marketing.

Slush - Design Speech

Tobias from Wonder gave a speech and moderated the Design for Growth at Slush in 2017. Slush is one of the world's leading startup and investor conferences.

Blueprint Genetics - Strategy and visual identity

Blueprint Genetics is a fast-growing tech company in the space of genetic testing. We helped the company position itself as a "knowledge company" and expand its story and impact.

Flux - our very own innovation conference

In 2015, we organized our own conference and invited profilic speakers, such as The Future Laboratory founders, as well as Marty Neumeier.

Nordic Spirits Lab - A new innovative brand

Our design lab method produced a new brand and innovation platform for Altia - the spirits company. We managed a collaborative innovation program where we collaborated with leading mixologists, experts, consumers, universities and influencers. Our work was featured in publications

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