Introducing the Design Lab Method™

Our core offering combines strategic design with entrepreneurship for maximum creativity, agility and market validity.

An agile, collaborative method for creative problem solving and innovation.

The Design Lab Method™ is our primary method and offering. It is an agile, collaborative, design-centered method for creative problem solving. It works great for envision the future, uncovering fresh insights, framing new opportunities, designing new product- or service concepts, new business models, strategy, brand development, customer experiences, marketing, content or internal change.

We created The Design Lab Method™ based on 12 years of experience consulting hundreds of clients. We saw first-hand how many clients struggled with creativity and innovation, how the everyday "busywork" got in the way, much time and resources were wasted, and how the conditions for creativity were anything but ideal.

The Design Lab Method™ starts by creating the conditions where creativity and innovation thrives. In addition, it is an agile method that helps you turn years or months into weeks or days.

Benefits of our method

Collaboration beats guesswork.

As we set up a dedicated Design Lab to solve your problem and reach your objectives, we start by asking who should be part of the extended team. When needed, we invite customers, users, influencers and experts to provide knowledge, perspectives and ideas to kickstart creativity.

Well-designed, half-done.

To succeed with creative problem solving and innovation, preparation is a key part of the work. The Design Lab Method™ start with choices regarding participants and collaborators, physical and virtual co-creation spaces, methods and tools, a playbook and activities.

Open to the best solution.

A common fallacy is to start a project with a desired solution in mind (a new product, a strategy, a marketing campaign etc.), however, DLM requires an open mind and a readiness to consider any viable solution that works best. We start with problems and objectives, then frame and re-frame them into opportunities.

Hands-on, iterative learning.

The chosen team will collaborate, explore and experiment throughout the project. You will work through the problem in several iterations with the goal of advancing learning as quickly as possible. 

From waterfalls to a playgrounds.

The linear “waterfall” model has some flaws. It does not align with how our brains work. In the DLM approach, you will define problems to solve, then work wherever your mind takes you. Instead of closing “the insights phase”, consider this whole experience as a playground for insights and learning.

Make immediate progress.

When you set up a Design Lab with us, you will not only learn a lot and have fun in the process. You will work hands-on to create actual outcomes for your business. Clients tell us there is nothing like that feeling of bringing something new to this world, moving swiftly from abstract idea to tangible outcome.

A collaborative model for breakthrough results.

Don't expect to change the game by sitting in meeting rooms with the same colleagues, day in and day out. This tendency leaves companies clueless about the changing world, and their customers. Inject your business with fresh perspectives, insights and ideas by co-creating the future you desire with the right network of stakeholders.

Experimentation Learning

While our approach, methods and tools work for any industry and size of company, we treat each Design Lab (project) uniquely.
Depending on your situation, bring in influencers, consumers, users or experts to bring fresh insights, perspectives and ideas to your situation. Or, we will simply guide your team through a set of methods and give you the right tools for the job.
For every case, we prepare our design lab to suit your exact needs, and facilitate it accordingly. Experience hands-on learning, and walk away with real-world outcomes for your business.

A well-designed playground for innovation.

To achieve great results with speed, you need great structure and tools. We provide you with a playground for innovation, ready for action.

-A dedicated design lab
-World class facilitation
-Design methods, exercises and tools
-Prototyping materials
-Content creation studio
-Workshop supplies
-Food and snacks

About us

Wonder was founded in 2008 by Tobias Dahlberg. We're based in Helsinki, Finland. We work wherever clients need us.

Tobias has personally designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops, strategy and innovation projects.

Wonder Group Inc. is also the parent company of The Future Academy® - a training and education company that offers online courses, coaching and training.

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