Design A Better Future, Faster.

We help companies innovate all aspects of their business through strategic, agile, and collaborative design.

Design for Growth

Wonder is a strategic design company that partners with clients and collaborators to innovate and create breakthrough change. We bring together networks of people to co-create and solve business problems.

We do this by setting up DESIGN LABS, (collaborative projects and spaces) that leverage the best of design thinking, agile development, and design sprints. In simpler terms, this means getting people together to identify problems and opportunities, and to co-create solutions to them.

Our approach can be applied to any future-facing business opportunity, from insights and strategy to new product and service innovation, business model, brand, marketing, culture or internal operations.

Since 2008, we have co-created over 300 new products, services, brands and businesses together with our clients.

Our work has been featured in publications, such as Wallpaper Magazine, Business Insider, and Condé Nast Traveller. We are based in Helsinki, Finland. We work wherever our clients need us.

A Future Design Lab - at your disposal.

The business environment today calls for non-stop creativity and faster speed-to-market. After several years of practicing the "agency model", we concluded that there is a model that creates better results, faster.

This approach combines strategic business design with creativity through collaboration, exploration and experimentation.

From one-day experiential learning experiences to multi-day sprints and multi-week projects, our aim is always to bring you breakthrough results with maximum agility and speed.

If you are new to these methods and principles, we invite you to come and try one of our programs in our very own design lab, or let us create a design lab wherever you are.

A collaborative model for breakthrough results.

Most companies are completely internally focused. They sit in meetings trying to predict what is going on in the world, and inside the heads of their customers. But unfortunately, most of them are clueless. We make sure this does not happen to you by bringing together your most crucial stakeholders.

Experimentation Learning

While our approach, methods and tools work for any industry and size of company, we treat each assignment as unique.

Depending on your situation, bring in influencers, consumers, users or experts to bring fresh insights, perspectives and ideas to your situation. Or, we will simply guide your team through a set of methods and give you the right tools for the job.

For every case, we prepare our design lab to suit your exact needs, and facilitate it accordingly. Experience hands-on learning, and walk away with real-world outcomes for your business. Check our offerings to learn more.

Plug-and-play innovation

To innovate at the speed of light you need to create the conditions where collaboration, exploration, experimentation and creativity thrives. Before embarking on innovation journeys, we are meticulous about ensuring that the conditions are just right.

Clients and brands we have worked with.

Fiskars, Paulig, Iittala, Hartwall, Fazer, Halti, Marimekko, Altia, Koskenkorva, Telia Nordics, HK Scan, Metsä Group, Neste Oil, SOK, The Coca-Cola Company, Nordic Business Forum, Pihlajalinna, Den Group, Func Food, Celcius, Fast, Koskenkorva, Marimekko, Abbvie, BonAlive, Blueprint Genetics, DNA, Nordic Spirits Lab, OP Andersson, Mandatum Life, Arla, Oral, F-Secure, Sponda, Roche Diagnostics, Playstation, Nokia, Alma Media, Pfizer, Footbalance.

About us

Wonder was founded in 2008 by Tobias Dahlberg. We're based in Helsinki, Finland. We work wherever clients need us.

Tobias has personally designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops, strategy and innovation projects.

Wonder Group Inc. is also the parent company of The Future Academy® - a training and education company that offers online courses, coaching and training.

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